OUR Companies

Eberhard Manufacturing

A leader in custom-engineered industrial, vehicular and specialty hardware. Eberhard's extensive product line of over 5,000 parts offers customers items such as t-handles, hinges, paddle latches, rotary latches, grab handles, and vents.

Composite Panel Technologies

A leading manufacturer of lightweight composite panels and panel systems.

Greenwald Industries

An innovator in commercial laundry and location-based payment systems.

The Illinois Lock Company

A provider of engineering expertise, technology, and manufacturing capabilities, able to design and produce the highest quality locks and security products for the most demanding applications and budget requirements.

Argo Transdata

A premiere PCBA manufacturer located in the Northeast, building the best quality engineered products at the best possible price, delivered when needed.

Frazer & Jones

A world leader in the development, design and manufacture of high quality products from raw castings to finished products.

CCL Security Products

A global manufacturer and supplier of Padlocks, Cabinet Door Locks, Desk Drawer Locks, Cam Locks, Electrical Panel Board Locks, Enclosure Locks and other specialty lock products.

Quality Products

Our commitment to quality means that we consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed your expectations.

Custom Engineering

Whether you want to make a simple change to a product or you need a custom designed solution, our engineers have years of experience to support your applications.


We innovate to bring you novel solutions that meet new requirements and market needs.


“We have started a new chapter in the long history of The Eastern Company. We are focused on accelerating value creation for our customer and our shareholders”

- August Vlak, President and CEO